Are you a manager of a remote team that is stuck and not meeting its aims?

As an organisational leader, do you have employees that feel isolated, lost and unsure in their work? 

Are you concerned that newly joined employees do not feel apart of the team and/or wider organisation? 

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of emails, instant messages, video meetings and notifications you’re receiving? 

Are you uncertain about how hybrid working will actually work? 

I can help by working with your teams and organisation to design parameters, structures, systems and processes that work for everyone – by evaluating your current ways of operating, coaching your team leaders and managers, doing skills training and facilitating future-oriented conversations. 

Together we can re-imagine and design an organisation that is healthy, with vibrant, creativity and inclusive teams ready to tackle the next challenges.  

About Me

Starting my career in the student movement leading campaigns for better education, I have gone on to support the leadership and organisational development of student unions, and most recently to being a project manager of an international development project, advocating for change all the way to the UN. Read more about me