Emotional Resilience in a year of lockdowns

I recently listened to a podcast with Brené Brown and Susan David (author of Emotional Agility) discussing how we can be more emotionally resilient. Susan David suggests that the more granular you can get with your emotions, the more resilient you can become because you understand your core emotion.  Listen to the podcast here

I challenged myself to write out all the feelings I’ve had during this pandemic. It was sometimes hard to point to exact feelings and not events or activities that I had done/completed. 

This is what I got – I had to borrow some words from other languages because I find that English doesn’t have the best vocabulary  for some of what I feel. I didn’t use a thesaurus though, just words that were already in my vocabulary. Serendipitously I got 100 words, which I wasn’t aiming for, but it’s a nice round number. 

How many can you get? 

Are there any words that aren’t on here that surprise you? See all the words typed below (I know my handwriting is a bit hard to read)

Fearful, angry, sad, bereft, grief, sadness, low, listless, joyful, purposeful, purposeless, useful, useless, restless, trapped, unmoored, lonely, calm, powerful, flexible, strong, inspired, rage, disbelief, voiceless, betrayed, cared for, loved, caring, déjà vu, privileged, lucky, hopeless, hopeful, tired, weary, fatigue, depressed, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, frustrated, longing, homesick, experimental, excited, moved, challenged, stretched, creative, accomplished, frazzled, irritated, annoyed, bored, present, wishfulness, regret, powerless, energised, out of sorts, emotional, teary, scared, anxious, extremely anxious, stressed, exasperated, lost, connection, solidarity, disconnection, infantilised, in-control, out of control, focused, foggy, fog-brain, stiff, sore, disempowered, unlucky, dismayed, renewed, rested, warm/warmth, cozy, comforted, forgetful, nervous, courageous, pointless, curious, despair, disappointment, relaxed, uncertain, uncertainty, happy, content, saudade (a Portuguese word for a deep melancholy longing for something that used to be or never really was)

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