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Every person should have opportunities to reach their full potential. Organisations, coalitions, movements can and should provide opportunities where their staff and members can feel valued and grow. I am driven to help people and organisations tap into their assets, and realise their potential, whatever the circumstances.

Starting my career in the student movement leading campaigns for better education, I have gone on to support the leadership and organisational development of student unions, and most recently to being a project manager of an international development project, advocating for change all the way to the UN.

With over a decade of professional experience, I have learned two crucial things, vital to achieving change at any scale:

  1. People are your most important investment and
  2. Organisational structures can either help or hinder the process of achieving progressive change.

This is the basis of my offer as a consultant – to provide organisations, coalitions, and movements with support and development to sustainably change the way they act and contribute to a progressive world;[1]  and provide support to individuals through events and training to identify and develop their unique assets.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, I’m an experienced project and people manager, trainer and facilitator working primarily in advocacy and public affairs. Over years of working in education and international development, I am part of European and global networks. I have recently finished working on a European project where I was managing a team remotely, based in 5 different countries, and supporting project partners to advocate for education changes at national, European and global levels. I value engagement and participation, and endeavour to create that in online and physical spaces.

[1] Organisations can create structures, spaces, processes, ways of working that can enable people to grow and realise their potential, keeps them safe and healthy, does not discriminate on their ability based on race, age, sex, disability, family/caring commitments; ensuring that the staff working for the organisation are valued, supported, and encouraged to grow. In this way organisations can begin to provide example of a social just world that values all people, in all circumstances and walks of life.

Testimonials for my work

Megan’s webinars are inclusive and participatory.

Lindsay Isaacs

Megan helped me build relationships and rapport across distances.

Julia Schöneberg

Megan is a skilled, creative & thoughtful facilitator, with innovative approaches to making virtual communication dynamic and interpersonal.

Maeve Galvin

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