Emotional Resilience in a year of lockdowns

I recently listened to a podcast with Brené Brown and Susan David (author of Emotional Agility) discussing how we can be more emotionally resilient. Susan David suggests that the more granular you can get with your emotions, the more resilient you can become because you understand your core emotion.  Listen to the podcast here IContinue reading “Emotional Resilience in a year of lockdowns”

Reflections on transitioning from Lockdown Spring 2021 for teams

This tool is designed to be a conversational tool for individuals and team leaders. It does not hold any answers by itself. For teams, it is designed to give some indication of what members of the team are thinking and feeling about restrictions lifting in spring 2021, and possibility of returning to the office. ThisContinue reading “Reflections on transitioning from Lockdown Spring 2021 for teams”

Lockdown through lens of culture change

Covid-19 is making us all anxious and grieve. One of the paradoxes I’ve been asking myself is: Why am I grieving so much when I don’t know anyone who has died, and my life isn’t so negatively affected by all of this? Then I remember, changes big and small make us grieve. Because of myContinue reading “Lockdown through lens of culture change”