Learning and Development

Everyone has their own assets and lived experiences that they bring into any situation, and these assets can be strengthened until they are a shining feature. Opportunities for learning and growing are central to discovering and nurturing organisations’ staff or movements’ members.


Provide engaging and participatory training sessions, including:

  • Campaigning and creating change
  • Skills for online meetings
  • Managing remote teams
  • Leadership training
  • Other training based on your needs

Participatory event facilitation (physical or online)

  • Provide support with developing the best agenda to meet your aims within time limitations
  • Produce facilitators notes for panel members and workshop leaders
  • Use participatory methods to engage a wide audience

Event planning

  • Logistics from beginning to end of an event
  • Communication plan for an event


I am an experienced people manager and trainer. I want individuals to feel empowered and able to achieve their potential. I deploy ways of working that allow space and time for me to get know my team or group that I will be training; understanding their skills and experiences along with their questions and what they perceive as limitations.

As a trainer I am mindful that people have different personalities and learning styles which means that the training I develop reflects these different learning styles, making my training varied and engaging.

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