Organisational Development

Organisations, big or small, not or for profit, have an opportunity to profoundly shape the people that work for them. By being agile and able to change, providing supportive and engaging environments, organisations can enable their staff to reach potential beyond their own expectations.


Develop a strategic plan

  • Plan and run a one-day strategic planning workshop with your organisation’s leadership team.
  • Draft a strategic plan based on the strategic planning workshop.

Managing organisational change

  • Working with the client to understand the nature of the change the organisation wants or is currently undertaking
  • Provide change management support for your organisation – can include research reports and proposals for change, creating and managing workstreams that are managing different aspects of change; creating communication tools that can be used throughout the process.

Moving to remote working

  • Service adaptation from face-to-face to online
  • Leading teams and retaining staff engagement through remote tools
  • Leading effective and productive online meetings

Trustee board support

  • Providing executive support for trustee boards to make effective decisions – includes secretariat support for meetings, (scheduling, creating agendas and papers for meetings, minute taking);
  • Provide training, development and advice for trustees in relation to their organisational role and responsibilities;
  • Support trustee boards to manage staff – this could involve developing policies, developing inductions, supporting and facilitating annual performance reviews or facilitation of 360 performance review.


When leading/facilitating change, I like to work from the basis that there are multiple opportunities and the aim is to find the opportunity that ticks the most boxes for all the groups involved in adapting to the change. Adapting to change is an evolving processes and project groups established to manage the change will end. In my work, I build in the tools and processes of thinking for teams to continue to adapt to change without external support. In this way, I’m constantly working towards capacity development so that teams/organisations can be sustainable and self-sufficient.

I have experience of working with organisations that are going through crisis to refocus and thrive in new circumstances. This involves establishing productive relationships, managing individuals’ and organisations’ acceptance of change, and working creatively on systems that can help groups move forward.

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