Project Management

Big and small projects benefit from a well-structured plan, processes and tools which enable the project to succeed.


Help you plan your project:

  • Work through the project proposal with the client and identify milestones and resources and capacity needed (budget and people)
  • Set up tailored project management documents; including workplan monitoring and reporting documents

Project manage your project:

  • For discreet projects, I can provide external project management support for the whole processes – from project initiation and design, to final reporting and evaluation.


Having a clear objective and outcomes is crucial for successful projects. Drawing inspiration from Agile project management methods, I approach projects by understanding what are the minimum requirements of the funding and the maximum ideals of the implementing organisation and working out what are the best options to achieve the requirements of the funding grant but which stretch the organisation to deliver exception impact.

Agile Project management provides more flexibility and works on a basis of creating early wins and then checking to perceive if the current direction of travel is what was originally intended. It is an organic and evolving approach rather than a direct A to B approach as with other project management approaches such as PRINCE.  

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